Workshops are short-term, theme-based or skill-specific classes that allow students to build a program that interests them and meets their needs. We would love to welcome your student to a workshop and help them meet their writing goals!

Each workshop is designed around the writing process, leading to the completion of a final project. Students read for inspiration and modeling, brainstorm ideas, plan their writing, draft, revise, edit, and finally publish their work in class.

Ages 9-12


Mixed Media and Creative Stories

Ages 9-12

Saturdays, September 7 - October 12, 2019. 11:00-12:30 

6 weeks ($145)


If you love making art and writing creatively, then this is the workshop for you!  We will write a variety of creative pieces, then use them to create a mixed media art project using canvas, paint, texture and much more. This class finds the intersection of writing and visual art, and it is the perfect workshop for students who love to draw, paint, and WRITE poetry, comics, short stories or anything else they can imagine!

Convince Me!

Ages 9 -12

Saturdays, January 11 - February 15, 2020. 11:00-12:30

6 weeks ($145)

Writing is a powerful tool for persuasion. In this class, students will analyze other authors’ works to see how they use strategies and devices to make effective arguments, and explore symbolism and other literary devices. Students will brainstorm topics that matter to them and follow the writing process to develop their own persuasive essays about topics of their choice. To connect the language to the visual, students will also create art to depict their objectives. 

Ages 10-13


Creative Journaling

Ages 10-13

Wednesdays, July 10-August 14, 2019. 6:15-7:45

6 weeks ($145)

Journaling is a way to express thoughts and feelings, organize plans, and keep track of goals and progress. The process is made even more interesting by adding creative lettering and artwork! In this workshop, students will get to learn the art of “bullet journaling,” fancy lettering, life tracking and planning, and scrapbooking. Each student will develop their own style and system for keeping track of their days!  

Graphic Novels

Ages 10-13

Wednesdays, August 28-October 16, 2019. 6:15-7:45 pm

8 weeks ($185)

Boom! Pow! Woosh! Come ready to explore the amazing medium of graphic novels and comic books!  In this workshop, students will study and understand the components of storytelling through graphic novels. Then they will use this knowledge to brainstorm, storyboard and outline, develop a style, write, and draw to create their own graphic novel!  


Ages 10-13

Wednesdays, October 23-December 18, 2019. 6:15-7:45 pm

8 weeks ($185)

Dear Diary, To Whom it May Concern, Dear Editor...In this interactive and creative workshop, students will create a portfolio of different letters and write stories in the epistolary style! We will practice letter writing skills with different audiences in mind. From emails to business letters and postcards to letters to the house of representatives, students will discover their writers’ voice! We will also get creative to develop a short story using the letter writing (epistolary) format.  

Poetry and Word Play

Ages 10-13

Wednesdays, January 8-February 26, 2020. 6:15-7:45 pm

8 weeks ($185)

Students in this workshop will learn all about different poets and poetry forms, as well as how to use figurative language to write their own book of poems. Through writing poems in imitation, brainstorming through vocabulary and language play, and writing about a variety of topics, students will blossom into poets! 

The Power of Words - Speech Writing

Ages 10-13

Wednesdays, March 4-April 29, 2020. 6:15-7:45 pm

8 weeks ($185)

Students, come prepared to give a SPEECH! In this workshop, students can expect to study famous speeches, focus on the power of word choice and persuasive techniques, learn how to prepare for a debate, and learn how body language, hand gestures, and eye contact impact an audience. Students will brainstorm, outline, develop, and deliver a speech about a topic of interest.  

Ages 13+


Analysis Doesn't Have to Lead to Paralysis

Ages 13 and up 

Saturdays, February 29-April 4, 2020. 11:00-12:30

6 weeks ($145)

In today’s world, the ability to spot rhetoric and analyze its effect is key to navigating messages and information that students are immersed in daily. In this workshop, students will learn about rhetorical analysis and practice analyzing speeches and other articles to determine the author’s message and how the message was delivered, as well as the effectiveness of rhetorical techniques on readers. To deepen their own understanding and to strengthen their message, students will create an art project that connects the analysis to the visual. 


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Six-Week Workshops - 6 classes, 90 minutes each. $145

Eight-Week Workshops - 8 classes, 90 minutes each, $185

Friday Night Writes - free, drop-in, no registration required

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